Skilio is no longerio.

Five years ago, we set out to create a platform that harnessed the power of technology to directly improve people's lives. A platform where people could combine strengths, skills and social connections to leverage the power of an ever more connected web via the direct exchange of knowledge and skills. We built a community marketplace to enable anyone, anywhere, to earn money doing what they love, by sharing their passion and expertise with others. We believe people have the power to radically transform institutions, and that a person's passion for a subject is a valuable benefit to the community irrespective of age, gender or location. At a time of financial uncertainty for so many, people are seeking new ways to drive their own entrepreneurial journey.

Along the way, you have shared some phenomenal Skilio sessions, from documentary making to bread making, yoga to business coaching, osteopathy to marketing, from law to eco-farming and more. At every step, your feedback helped us shape Skilio's development, and your passion signaled a new direction for online learning.

We are proud of the product we built, but even more proud of the community that helped us to grow Skilio into the vision we all shared. Thank you for helping us to build a dream into a reality.

Skilio's journey, however, must now come to an end. We know that you invested time, energy and enthusiasm into making Skilio work, and for that we are deeply grateful. We are profoundly sorry that despite all efforts, we were unable to turn our shared marketplace into a sustainable product. Every option was considered before taking the difficult decision to close the platform that brought us all together. Numerous challenges still remain in the world of collaborative knowledge sharing, and we give our wholehearted support to those entrepreneurs out there striving to make the world a better place in this space.

Thank you for the time and energy you gave Skilio. Each of us on the team has grown from this experience, we hope you have too. It has been a privilege to collaborate with you.

We look forward to coming together again in the future via new projects. Feel free to drop us a line at
Be ready for opportunity!

Rebecca, Erwan and the Skilio team.